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Making of JBoss Enterprise Web Server

February 14, 2011


I currently work on a second version of JBoss Enterprise Web Server which should be released pretty soon. You can find more info about the product itself on the official site. I’ll describe here some behind the scene technical aspects about how it is build and maintained. One of the problems with majority of Open [...]

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Fighting the MSVCRT.DLL hell

February 11, 2011


If you are C/C++ developer that needs to create applications using contemporary Microsoft Visual C++ compilers that are linked to the MSVCRT.DLL only, then you should read this article. However if you are lucky and you are creating self contained applications which you totally control and which do not allow third party plug-ins then this [...]

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Introducing Apache Commons Runtime

February 8, 2011


Actually this is pretty old post. I’m currently redefining the Apache Commons Runtime as a concept as well as a project. I decided to move some parts of it outside the ASF since I wish to have a total control over the code as an individual rather then a community member. I might put it [...]

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