First of all, since I’m not a native English speaker please don’t get surprised if you bump on some weird language constructs. Other then that, well this is my Sandbox with the following rules:

Everything written is redistributable as a whole under the Apache License, version 2.0, even if individual posts or articles are under other licenses.

Don’t knock over my castle.  If you want to create your own castle, then make your own sandbox.

If you want to add to my castle, please tell me what you want to add and how you intend to do it (even if it is only vaguely formed in your mind).  It is quite likely that I may have already thought of doing the same thing and already have plans in mind, though I am usually happy to let others do the work with me.  In fact, I do my best work when I think of it as helping someone else do their work, so I am far more productive as a collaborator than if I am just sitting in a corner by myself.  So, please, go ahead and ask.

If you think my castle is ugly, likely to fall down under its own weight, or would be better architected in some other fashion, then please speak up.

Most of all, have fun! This is not supposed to be work even if I happen to be paid by someone to work on it.  This creative tinkering with software is fun to do when you keep a good sense of humor and a smile on your face.  If you want to get angry and take it out on someone, then go somewhere else.  I reserve the right to kick anyone out of my sandbox if they start crying, or make me want to cry because of what they’ve done or said. Please keep that in mind at all times.

Coffe in Venice

Coffe in Venice

I currently work as a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, Inc. So far it’s been a great place to work at. I mostly work from home, but I’m officially a part of Switzerland office team. I’m JBoss old timer so I usually hang with those folks working on JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and JBoss Enterprise Web Server.

Most of my Open Source work is done inside Apache Software Foundation mainly on Tomcat and Httpd.

I’m using SyndicateOfIdeas as my blog name for quite some time. If you wonder what it means, well, don’t. One day I might create something out of that domain name as a place for sharing technology ideas and concepts. For now, this is just my personal blog. I’m not much of a writer, so don’t except huge amount of posts that are usually  useless. I’ll try to keep the focus on something I’d like to read; technically correct, concise and usable. Drop a note if you think I diverged from those goals.

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